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It’s only halfway through the day and already it’s been quite eventful. Sadie decided to make a break for it outside via our window and busted one of our screens to chase after our outdoor cat Alice. Then once Sadie was caught we had to do a makeshift repair on our screen and make sure none of our indoor cats actually got outside. `

I am almost done with the Li’l baby blankie but there’s really not much picture taking to be had…plus I really want to wait until it’s absolutely finished to take pictures. I was perusing border patterns, super simple ones too and I think I found one that will fit with the festive colors.

While you are patiently waiting for pictures, I found some stop motion videos I thought were really awesome…

I now have a goal to knit a grey cat with an orange scarf…maybe just the orange scarf…..

this one was just sweet….and probably how James feels about my yarn stash.

this last one took me by surprise, I was really impressed with the amount of crafting put into it…and I winced a little at the dismemberment of that beautiful rug.

Enjoy your Sunday and I’ll see you soon!


Today was a pretty mild Saturday, but boy did it go by fast! I got some work done on my Nephew’s baby blankie/ Christmas Present…..

A Christmas Present from Aunt Britt

I braved the bright….so bright… outdoors to snap a photo of my progress. I hope that the colors will suit him, the blue looks very blue..and that darkish edge is actually a chocolate brown…hmph.

Let's try this again....from the top.

That’s much better, the colors look better anyway. What you aren’t seeing is me on a flimsy plastic chair trying to take a photo and not get myself killed.

This is really just a simple giant granny blanket, with some inexpensive acrylic yarn. I’m alternating the corners between a ch 3 and a ch 2 to keep it from swirling and will be perusing my edging books to pick out the capper to the little boy blankie.

Whilst photographing, my assistants decided to help me…..

Scouting for locations to photograph

Leroy Crooke’tail, renowned artist for choosing his masterful locations decided to help me with my baby blanket photo shoot. What they didn’t say in the fine print is that he’s easily distracted…..(Did you see the crook in his tail?)

Security Detail.

Sadie is hired to keep the squirrels…er…. Paparazzi out of the yard whilst Mr Crooke’tail and I work our magic.

*Pay no attention to the recycling in the back.

Hurrying up to see the magician at work..(not really)

In which Sadie nearly takes me out and said blankie risked never being finished.

After all that "hard" work, Leroy takes a break.

Mr. Crooke’tail plays dirty….but his work is good.

Tomorrow is a day to spend on football and pizza for my brother-in-law’s birthday and yet more crochet. If I play my cards right I can get something finished this weekend.

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