The first taste of the changing leaves.

Have you gotten a craving for pumpkin spice and apple cider? I certainly have!

Yesterday amidst the football watching and pizza eating I started looking for pictures of Halloween decor to do up our house. The last few years have been a bit dull for me on my most favorite holiday. They didn’t seem like I put a lot of time into it and well…being crafty, that made me sad.

This year I’ve resolved to make it super crafty….I’ve started my first project….

The first set of flags

They’re sparkly and the perfect shade of purple…up next are the orange….then black…which I think I will make smaller for accents…and possibly a bright green. I have also on my to do list a special candy basket, tin can lanterns and painted pumpkins. The front yard is going to get a treatment of loose dirt and a tombstone in one corner too…I just have to hunt for the perfect one.

Sadie and I took a walk around the block and while she sniffed, I snapped. Here is one of my favorites. I’ll add more day to day.

Have a good day!