It’s only halfway through the day and already it’s been quite eventful. Sadie decided to make a break for it outside via our window and busted one of our screens to chase after our outdoor cat Alice. Then once Sadie was caught we had to do a makeshift repair on our screen and make sure none of our indoor cats actually got outside. `

I am almost done with the Li’l baby blankie but there’s really not much picture taking to be had…plus I really want to wait until it’s absolutely finished to take pictures. I was perusing border patterns, super simple ones too and I think I found one that will fit with the festive colors.

While you are patiently waiting for pictures, I found some stop motion videos I thought were really awesome…

I now have a goal to knit a grey cat with an orange scarf…maybe just the orange scarf…..

this one was just sweet….and probably how James feels about my yarn stash.

this last one took me by surprise, I was really impressed with the amount of crafting put into it…and I winced a little at the dismemberment of that beautiful rug.

Enjoy your Sunday and I’ll see you soon!